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3 Tips to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

Christmas tree with string lights turned on near electric fireplace inside room

Many buyers want to celebrate the holidays in their new home. Make sure yours makes their must-see list with these 3 tips!

Use minimal holiday decorations.

Your holiday decorations are likely completely different from your potential buyer’s decorations, and since you want them to picture themselves in your home, it pays to keep your holiday decorations to a minimum. A wreath on the door and a few seasonal garlands can give your home a festive feel without overwhelming buyers.

Find the right price.

Buyers looking for homes during the holidays don’t have a lot of spare time to haggle over home prices. They’re often going to look for homes that already fit their needs and reflect the current condition of the home. The right price will be low enough to attract buyers and high enough to show that you know what your home is worth.

Get fresh listing photos.

Make sure your listing photos reflect the season. If your home is up for the holidays, consider including some special photos highlighting the fireplace, reading nook, or other cozy features.


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